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Shortcrust pastry video recipe

Shortcrust pastry video recipe

Recipe Shortcrust pastry video recipe of 05-05-2015 [Updated on 29-11-2018]

Shortcrust pastry is one of the basic preparations, fundamental in pastry and not only! There are different recipes of shortcrust pastry, each more or less suitable for a recipe rather than another, I almost always use the classic family recipe, especially for pies, and it is precisely following the recipe of my grandmother and my mother that in this video I show you how to prepare it step by step.


How to make shortcrust pastry

Many people complain that the pastry often "goes crazy" during processing, but as you will see if we work the ingredients quickly, avoiding heating them, you shouldn't have any problems or at most, it will be a matter of adding a little cold water or egg white , to recover the recipe and obtain an excellent shortcrust pastry, crumbly and crunchy at the right point, perfect for biscuits, a tart etc ..

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