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Bean paste (Pasula slaita in grai banatean)

Bean paste (Pasula slaita in grai banatean)

Wash the beans well and soak them in the evening. Put it in a pot on the fire, let it boil, then change the water. We do this operation twice (it can be done three times), but it loses its nutritional qualities. After this operation we boil it with bay leaves, salt, vegeta, thyme and a finely chopped onion.

Meanwhile, clean the vegetables, leeks, peppers, wash well and cut into cubes. When the beans are half cooked, add the vegetables and let them boil all together until the beans are soft and well.

In a pan put 100 ml of oil, half a finely chopped onion and garlic. Let it harden for a while then put it over the beans. Let it boil for about 5-10 minutes.

We strain the beans then with a fork to make the puree we crush it well, then we rub it with a mixer adding a little bit of the juice resulting from the beans. A homogeneous paste is obtained. Cut the other half of the onion into scales, heat it in the remaining oil and put the paprika.

When serving the beans, put a tablespoon of the oil with onion and paprika on top. It is served with assorted pickles or according to appetite, truffle salad or lettuce, as possible.

It's good !!! I didn't put any flour ... everything is from Mother Nature!

Good appetite!

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