A caramel cream recipe, with an extra flavor given by Amaretto biscuits.
It is very simple, but also very decorative.
I was inspired by Mihaela Idriceanu:

  • 100 g caramel sugar
  • 100 g Amaretto biscuits
  • 100 g sugar
  • 20 g cocoa
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 yolks
  • 500 ml of milk
  • rum essence to taste
  • peel from an orange
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla powder (or ½ teaspoon vanilla essence)

Servings: 8

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes


Caramelize the sugar and distribute it evenly on the base and side walls of a cake tray with dimensions of 12/22 cm. Mix eggs with sugar, vanilla, rum essence and grated orange peel. Add sifted cocoa, cold milk and biscuits given by the robot.

Pour the composition over the burnt sugar and place the cake pan in a larger pan with water. Place in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 45 minutes.

Remove to a grill and allow to cool; leave to cool in the fridge before serving. Turn over on a plate and decorate to taste.

Good appetite!

Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson

Melanie Griffith won the Golden Globe for her role in Working Girl, but has starred in many more films and series. His daughter Dakota Johnson did not let herself be outdone either and received favorable reviews for most of the productions in which she starred. In 2016 she received the Golden Raspberry for the worst actress for her role in Fifty Shades of Gray.

Jason Momoa, emotional revelations about his daughter

Momoa also talked about what it means to be a father of a girl. He complained that when Lola officially became a teenager, he admitted. & bdquoI'm not going to do well in this story. I won't like it if he brings home the baby. "I told you if you're a man who treats you better than I treat Lisa, then good luck!" Momoa explained, hoping Lola would have someone at least as devoted as Lisa to him.

The actor reminded him of the time when he and Bonet started dating in 2005. He was 26 years old and was a wreck. She was 12 years older, much more stylish, but he invited her to the city anyway. It was a very awkward moment for him. And especially when you find someone you like completely and then you discover that she is amazing, intelligent, funny, she is a god, you are a god, you are a god. a depraved & rdquo.

The Minister of Interior, the announcement that all Romanians were waiting for! We could give up the face mask on the beach, from May 1st

What happened to the things of Marius Elisei that remained in Oana Roman's house: "It seems to me that it was time to finalize things"


Wedding of the year in showbiz! Zoe, the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, known from the series "Big little lies", has formalized her relationship with her boyfriend, Karl Glusman.


It all happened a month before the traditional wedding planned to take place in France. However, neither of the two actors nor their representatives confirmed the happy event, writes Agerpres.


Ever since they started dating in 2016, after meeting at a bar through friends, the two young actors have had a discreet relationship, far from the spotlight. In fact, it was not until October 2018 that Zoe Kravitz accidentally revealed, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, that Glusman asked for her hand.

Cristi Borcea, Demi Moore, Lenny Kravitz do the same. See what!

In our country, the model is successfully implemented by Cristi Borcea and his ex-wives together with the current one, Valentina Pelinel.

Singer Lenny Kravitz (56 years old) was married, between 1987-1993, to Lisa Bonet, with whom he has a daughter, Zoe. He still calls his first marriage "an essential relationship." "We have a child and we love each other as much as before - it's just a different situation," the rock star explained. "It takes time, work and dedication, but that's something Lisa and I had."

Lisa Bonet, is now 52 years old and is married to the one who produced the music for "Game of Thrones", Jason Momoa. Together they have two children: Lola Iolani, 13, and Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, 11.

Lenny said he was close to this whole ex-wife's family. "I love Lisa's husband and I love her children," the musician said. "We all get together and have the best moments. We communicate, we keep our backs to each other and that's how it should be. We are all one family. " About Jason Momoa, Lenny Kravitz says he's like a brother.

Rennes - CFR Cluj 0-1

  • He scored: C. Deac 9 '
  • Red cards: Susic 81 '/ Mendy 5', Camavinga 46 '

The Christmas presents came earlier for the Romanian champion, because they are still the shops already filled with items for the Holidays. First, Mendy left his team inferior, practically CFR Cluj playing with an extra man the whole match. Immediately, Deac (9) scored, simple, beautiful and efficient. A 16-and-a-half-year-old child, Bonet, entered the goal when he first appeared on the first team, innocent and almost beside the phenomenon, taking out only when Dan Petrescu's players targeted him. In the 26th minute, inattentive, Boli made a penalty, and Rennes's captain, Niang, shot miserably.

Rain of gifts and failures

What more could Super-Dan want ?! Well, as many gifts as he received, CFR offered a cascade of failures in the first half, some annoying, given how easily they were wasted. At what opportunities did they have, or were they offered, the Romanians had to enter the cabins with a more than reassuring advantage. Djokovic (22, 33 and 38), Deac (24) and Boli (33) had clear goal situations, either alone in 5 meters or alone with the Bonet tank.

Santa's carriage was still missing!

Once in his life he caught such a match: in the first phase of the second half Bonet jammed a ball, recovered Omrani, and Camavinga (46) committed a red card! Deac changed the style of execution, fired hard and high, did not produce the goal. Then, with each passing minute, it was as if the Romanians were playing with two people less. The French had two huge opportunities to shake the CFR wagons! You can see how Petrescu was doing on the sidelines. Especially since about ten minutes, Rennes, superbly pushed by thousands of fans in the stands, pressed annoyingly. Culio came to possess the position of last defender in the circle in the center of the field.

Typical Romanian

CFR dropped the guard, incredibly dangerous, annoying. As Romanians we are used to emotions and our hearts are in our throats: Susici (82) easily collected the second yellow card - in fact, the Russian gave it to him to be the heart match! -, and after the elimination it was played even more intensely at Arlauskis' goals. Ufff, the game ended with great emotions, but it went well. If the victory was missed, it was a big bath and shame for CFR in the conditions of the gifts received from the Bretons. A success like a spring breeze, but be careful on November 7, that the opportunities were to take revenge.

The match

min 90 + 4: End of the match!
min 90 + 3: Traore crosses the ball, but Arlauskis holds the ball
min 90: There will be a 5 minute extension
min 84: Mike Cestor came on, Lacina Traore had to leave the fray
min 83: Niang receives in the box, but is blocked by Burcă
min 81: Susic is eliminated! The right back sees a second yellow card
min 75: Deac shoots from 20 meters, but the ball is deflected into the corner
min 70: Another change at CFR Cluj: Adrian Păun replaced Djokovic
min 66: Change at CFR Cluj: Ovidiu Hoban replaces Mihai Bordeianu
min 64: Opportunity for Rennes! Hounou shot from 20 meters, and the ball went a little near the goal
min 57: Counter-attack by CFR Cluj! Omrani held the ball too long and when he passed to Mario Camora, the Portuguese defender was offside
min 48: Deac takes the free-kick but the ball goes over the goal
46 min: Red for Rennes! Camavinga is eliminated after a foul from behind, 18 meters from the goal. Goalkeeper Bonet passed wrong, directly to Omrani, and the CFR striker was stopped by the French midfielder
45 min: The second half began
min 45 + 1: Pause
min 45: Bourigeaud enters the box, crosses on foot, but Burcă rejects
min 42: Bourigeaud shoots from 20 meters, but the ball goes far over the goal
min 37: CFR Cluj misses another great opportunity! Djokovic shoots wide, from 16 meters, but goalkeeper Bonet kicks with his foot
min 34: Another miss for CFR Cluj! Illness resumes next to, with his head, after a corner
min 32: Bonet, spectacular parade on Djokovic's volley
min 28: Missing! Niang beats weakly and the ball goes to Arlauskis' goal. Rennes striker and Giedrius Arlauskis were colleagues at Watford
min 26: Penalty for Rennes! Boli brutally fouls Hounou in the box

min 24: Huge opportunity for Cluj! Traore heads wide in the box, but Ciprian Deac resumes weakly, with his head, over the goal, from 5 meters
min 22: Big miss for CFR Cluj! Djolovic resumes from the side scissors, from 6 meters. The ball goes a little past the goal
min 17: Susic, the right defender from CFR Cluj, receives a yellow card
min 14: Niang centered in the box, but Arlauskis came out well and held back
min 9: GOOOAAAL - CFR CLUJ! Ciprian Deac performs perfectly, next to the wall and opens the score for Cluj. Goalkeeper Bonnet was tricked by Deac, leaving on the other corner
min 8: Change at Rennes: Goalkeeper Bonnet, 16, replaces Del Castillo
min 6: RED for Rennes! Mendy fouls Traore, inches from the box line. Rennes's goalkeeper sees the red card
min 4: Niang shoots from the edge of the box, but Arlauskis held it back
min 2: Niang entered the box, but slipped and was blocked by Cluj
min 1: The match has begun. CFR Cluj has the first attack

Home teams

Rennes: Mendy - Traore, Gnagnon, Morel, Maouassa - Raphinha, Camavinga, Bourigeaud, Del Castillo - Hunou, Niang
Reservations: Bonet, Da Silva, Nyamsi, Siebatcheu, Lea Siliki, Gelin, Gboho
Trainer:: Julien Stéphan

CFR Cluj: Arlauskis - Susic, Burcă, Boli, Camora - Bordeianu, Djokovic, Culio, Deac - Traore, Omrani
Receive: Jesus Fernandez, Pașcanu, Păun, Golofca, Hoban, Cestor, Rondon
Trainer: Dan Petrescu

Referee: Alexei Eskov. Assistants: Dmitri Mosiakin, Valeri Dancenko (all from Russia)
Stadium: "Roazhon Park", Rennes (29,778 places)

Bonet (cocoa pudding)

Didn't you miss a super chocolate dessert? After we struggled all summer to eat light, salads, fruits and more, it's time to start the fall with maximum pampering: a decadent dessert, perfect for a cold evening to come.

Bonet is an Italian dessert typical of the Piedmont region and has been served at balls, banquets and special occasions since the 13th century. Although the initial version of Bonet did not contain cocoa (it had not yet been discovered and brought to Europe), the current version is based on cocoa, amaretti, milk and egg yolks. The predominant aroma can be given by rum, vanilla, lemon peel or coffee, that's up to you to choose.

Ingredients for 10-12 servings:
& # 8211 750 ml milk
& # 8211 150g caster sugar for composition
& # 8211 100g sugar for caramel
& # 8211 100g macaroons (pricomigdale)
& # 8211 50g bitter cocoa
& # 8211 100ml rum (or 2 tablespoons rum essence)
& # 8211 10 yolks (I only used 8, because the eggs were very big)

For starters, put the 100g of caramel sugar in a saucepan and let them simmer, stirring from time to time, until we have a dark caramel.

Pour the caramel into the mold (we would use a classic shape for the cake) and turn the tray to make sure that the bottom of the tray is perfectly covered.

Separately, beat the yolks with 150g of sugar, about 8 minutes, with the Kitchen Aid mixer at medium speed then increase the speed and mix until we have a consistent foam and the sugar has completely melted.

Add cocoa, almonds given in a blender (or put in a bag and crushed with a rolling pin), rum and milk. Mix for another 5 minutes at medium speed, until the composition is homogeneous.

Pour the composition into the form, over the caramel and place the form in a larger tray, which we fill half with water. Put the tray in the oven, placing the grill on the middle step and bake at 200 degrees for 45-50 minutes.

Let the dessert cool, then turn it over on a plate. We decorate it with almonds, almond flakes, whipped cream or whatever else we have on hand and serve it cold. It helps a lot to pass a damp knife over the edges of the pudding as soon as you take the tray out of the oven, so that it can be easily detached from the walls of the tray.

Bonet pudding is very consistent, so we are content with thin slices. It is very creamy and aromatic, and you can replace the rum with 100ml of coffee, the core of ½ vanilla bar or why not, lemon peel and orange. May you be the best!

Is a cabbage treatment useful for heartburn?

In addition to being cheap, cabbage is also very good for health. Almost absent in the gastronomy of certain crops, many peoples include cabbage in many recipes due to its versatility.

Cabbage is an excellent antacid food, with the ability to regulate the stomach, liver and intestines, neutralizing acidity and preventing heartburn.

In addition, this food provides protection to the gastric mucosa. By consuming cabbage regularly, you will cleanse your body, improve your immune system and relieve the pain caused by rheumatism.


To prepare a cabbage treatment for heartburn, you need the following ingredients:

  • 300-400 g of cabbage
  • 2 tablespoons (50 g) of extra virgin olive oil
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • 1 knife tip black pepper (to taste)
  • 1 tip of cumin knife
  • ½ teaspoon (5 g) of sea salt or Himalayan salt

Method of preparation

It is best to prepare this garnish in the morning, so that it stays for a few hours before consuming it.


If you only knew how hard this article was for me. I worked on it for about 2 weeks. I kept writing and deleting, writing and deleting. And that's because I really wanted a beautiful article to come out, through which I managed to convey exactly all the beauty and magic of the place that I will tell you about today. I tormented him, I tormented him and here he is. Enjoy it and send me pictures, if you get there. This summer we had the happy opportunity to reach a mountain top, in the village of Saint Bonet-le-Froid, in the Auvergne region of France. I chose this destination not by chance, being again inspired by a university course, about tourism businesses that had a positive impact on the entire community. During the course, our teacher, Julia Csergo, told us with great enthusiasm the story of a great French chef, who managed to turn his native village into an extraordinary destination for refined gourmets, looking for new experiences.

I rented a car in Lyon and, after 2 hours of driving, floating among villages, rivers and mountains, I arrived in Saint-Bonet-le-Froid, the birthplace of the legendary man (this I later found out, after a Google search) Regis Marcon.

Regis has its roots in a family of farmers, with many children, about six. At one point, his parents gave up working the land and opened the first cafe in the village, gradually becoming a small guesthouse.

Her mother, Maria-Louise, did not attend hospitality or cooking school, and only her smile and courage helped her grow her business.

At the age of 18, Regis is left without a father and joins her mother, in the pension's kitchen, to help her feed all the mouths in the house. It seems that the culinary art conquered the young Regis, so he goes to cook school and at the age of 25 he graduates from the Hotel High School. Lesdiguière from Grenoble, and his mother passes on the reins of the whole business. Years followed in which successes were chained by Regis. Awards after awards ran in his record. At 34, he gets his first Michelin star, and at 49, he already receives his third.

The most important thing is that in all these years, Regis did not get drunk with the celebrity he obtained, he did not go around the world after new heights. He stayed in his native village, on the top of a mountain, where he gradually wove his dream, building something year after year. Today, Regis runs his own business with his son, Jaques, who is also a chef. A simple guesthouse has been extended to a real tourist complex, which includes two 3-star hotels, a three-star bistro, a four-star hotel, a four-star restaurant, a cooking school, a pastry shop and a SPA. When I made my hotel reservation online, I took a package, which included a breakfast and a free session at the SPA. I took advantage of the offer and believe me, even in the absence of pictures from the SPA, it's something of a dream. I hope it reads on the face :)

The symbol product of Saint-Bonet-le-Froid is the forest mushrooms in the area. And Regis Marcon took care to make the most of this ingredient in building his identity as a chef, becoming the first to use mushrooms in the preparation of desserts. Here is an example of recipes he invented: chocolate and mushroom praline (mushrooms) or charlotte peach, banana and morel caramel (wrinkled) or banana skewer and morels on spice bun, pear sorbet (like the one in the picture)

Photo source:

I don't know if you noticed, but the names of the dishes signed by Regis Marcon sound like poetry. Even the restaurant menu sounds like a love poem: Pigeon supreme with foie gras and kale or Hot and cold fall vegetables and mushrooms, shrimp donut. In addition to mushrooms, which you can find in virtually every dish created by Regis, the signature of its cuisine is also defined by other local products such as Puy's green lentils & # 8211 something the locals are proud of tearing off their shirts.

Photo source:

Chestnuts, Mezénc beef and Velay's lamb they are also found with the mention "Our local pride."

Photo source:

Arriving at Saint-Bonet-le-Froid, I found the tranquility and overwhelming beauty of a mountain town, which you can measure with a ruler, no matter how small it is. Surrounded by breathtaking valleys, postcard landscapes , stone houses, a church, gourmet boutiques and & # 8230. Regis Marcon's small empire, harmoniously inscribed in the landscape of the mountain village, Saint Bonet seems to be a not very crowded destination.

We stayed at the Hotel La Decouverte and while the sun was still in the sky, we took our bikes to explore the area.

The rural views reminded me of the mountainous landscapes of Romania: plenty of deconifers, wildflowers, inviting air, cows grazing grass for milk that you can no longer find in stores. I think the winters in Saint Bonet are not mild at all, and the life of the village would have been paralyzed in cold weather if Regis had not been here.

In the meantime it was dinner time, and we went to the restaurant of the hotel where we were staying. The open kitchen and the bee-swarming kitchens made me spy a little on them, to see how the architecture of the tomato salad was arranged on the plate, how the duck fillet was fried, which I had ordered, or how the desserts were decorated. Fascinating view!

I chose a salad with a seductive name: La declinaison des tomattes et fraises aux amandes. This is where my vocabulary ends and I don't want to overdo it. Let's read the pictures.

Duck breast with ripe eggplant.

And when it just seemed to us that we tasted the paradise of gastronomy, in a place of only 3 stars, we found out that in fact, on the same hill, about 500 m above there is another hotel and restaurant, this time 4 stars, and also Regis's. It's a place where people come by helicopter for lunch, and the menu is a bit expensive (modestly speaking). So I just went there to see it.

This time, too, we were not disappointed. Modernly decorated with quality furniture and art objects here and there, including on the plate.

This hotel offers you a room for 380 euros / night, and at the restaurant a person can have a 3-course menu for almost 160 euros. You can't get upset about what you can't necessarily afford. I celebrated in my mind the good fortune of having come here to see with my own eyes everything that the university teacher told us. A man turned his native village into a luxury destination, creating jobs, building tourist attractions, reviving the life of the entire community, paying taxes. But most importantly, this man's culinary talent brought fine gastronomy to the meeting with local products, built a theater stage and offers spectators unforgettable experiences. Thank you for your patience in reading this story. I tried very hard to tell you our feelings. I melted that weekend in July.

And when we left, so as not to miss another invention of Regis's, we went to his pastry shop. And we packed some glucose for the brain, so that it has fuel to save the memories as well as possible :)

Ah yes, I didn't show you Regis. I saw him outside, eating at a table with his employees. And as excited as I was, I greeted him, told him I had learned about him at school, and then took a picture. Of course I told him how tasty everything was! But this article is not about food, but about my big dream to build a culinary experience that would capitalize on local products and contribute to the growth of a rural community :) And for a dream like this I hunt people to inspire me and look for the piece of a village where my heart will pound in my chest. I feel like he's on his way.

Personal photographer (weddings, celebrations, baptisms, divorces) & # 8211 Andrei Bolocan.

The Boneta pepper variety is ripe early, 85-90 days pass from germination to the appearance of the first fruits. Seeds for planting material should be sown in February. Soil mixture for pepper seeding Boneta consists of soil, humus, peat. You can add 1 tbsp. spoon of wood ash for 1 kg of prepared soil. Spread the soil in containers where you will grow seedlings, water and plant seeds. Do not dig deep, maximum 1 cm. Squeeze with cling film or glass. At a temperature of +25 degrees, the first shoots will appear in a week. Bonet's variety is characterized by the appearance of amicable buds in the mass. In terms of temperature and light conditions, get a strong variety of seedlings Boneta, which in May will be ready for transplanting in open ground or in the greenhouse.

Peppers grow best after onions, cucumbers, squash, cabbage, carrots and squash. After tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, as a rule, you can not get a decent harvest. Pepper Bonone grows up to 50 - 55 cm. Bush is strong, strong. The planting scheme of this variety is 35x40 cm. 4 plants per 1 sqm The bushes must be coupled, otherwise you can not avoid breaking the branches with fruit. On a photo Bonet & # 39s degrees:

Regular care for peppers - is watering, thinning and feeding. Do not use cold water for irrigation. The most suitable hot distilled water temperature of +25 degrees. Relaxation is also a mandatory ritual in the care of peppers. Peppers need regular feeding. After the seedlings are planted in the ground, after 2 weeks, spend the first feeding with nitrogen fertilizers. So the plant will grow green mass and advanced root system. During the fruit-forming period it is necessary to feed with phosphate fertilizers. It is better to feed the bird droppings for feeding. He insists for a week, then dilutes with water 1:10. And it is very good to use mulch. The corridor is covered with straw, grass mowed without seeds, sawdust or peat. Purpose: to reduce weed growth, keep moisture, which is especially important in the heat. Some tips on growing peppers are shown in the video:

The first fruits of the Bonet variety will appear in July. In technical maturity, they have the color of ivory or white-green-white, in the color biological-orange or bright red. Shape - trapezoidal. The mass of fruits of the Bonet variety from 70 to 200 g, has 3-4 rooms, the thickness of the fruit walls is 6 to 7 mm. Quality fruits Bonet's fat glossy, dense. Well tolerated transport. Productivity: from 1 square meter you can get 3, 3 kg of peppers. Fruits with a pleasant, delicate aroma and pepper aroma are suitable for universal use in cooking: in the first and second dishes, in salads, for freezing and harvesting for the winter. 50 to 80% of vitamins are stored in processed peppers.

Fresh peppers - a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements, restores and rejuvenates the body, improve the condition of the skin, hair, nails, reduce depression. Improving appetite and digestion, pepper contains fiber. Extremely low calories with 24 calories per 100 g of product. The use of pepper in food can reduce blood pressure, reduce blood clots, prevent blood clots from forming. Who has low blood pressure, you can use a vegetable, but with caution.

Why the yo-yo effect hurts us?

In this article you will find out what the different ones are health problems which can cause the yo-yo effect. Losing a large number of pounds in a short time is a big shock to the body, especially if they are accumulated in a year, and often with extra. Find out who they are all 6 negative effects of the yo-yo effect.

1. It causes an increased appetite

Fat cells produce the hormone leptin which communicates with the brain and sends signals that the body has enough deposits, and the brain perceives this signal through feeling full. If you lose weight, then it means you lose fat, and less fat means less leptin. And that is one of the reasons we are hunger during diets.

In addition, the body slows down all the processes for energy conservation, and after you stop dieting, you have a excessive appetite, but at the same time you burn only a minimum of calories. This can be one of the reasons why, after a few diet sessions, you can expect to gain more weight than when you started your diet. [1] But let's take a look at the numbers as well. People who managed to lose weight in a very short time, after a year, again gained between 30 and 60% of their initial weight. [3] In addition, one in three people who followed a diet gained more pounds than he had at the beginning of the diet. [4]

2. It can lead to the formation of more fat and less muscle mass

During yo-yo effect, when you regain weight, accumulate fat much faster than muscle mass. This means that in the case of the yo-yo effect the percentage of fat it doubles. An analysis confirmed that 11 of 19 studies have shown a predisposition to increase fat, especially on the abdomen, as an effect of a diet yo-yo. [5] [6]

The second problem to mention is that when you get rid of excess pounds during the diet, you lose not only fat, but also muscle mass. [7] If you regain the weight lost immediately after the diet, then it means that accumulate much faster fat, which will lead to loss of muscle mass over time. This goes hand in hand with the loss physical condition and strength. [8] If you repeat this cycle diet-fattening Constantly, you will gain three times as many pounds, which will consist of fat and a minimum of muscle mass. [1]

As a result, it is very important that you do so during your diet physical exercises. Is recommended strength exercises for strengthening muscle mass in combination with cardio-type exercises. When you do sports, you increase muscle mass, while gradually losing body fat. [9] We must not forget that during the diet, the body's need for protein increases. So you should choose protein sources good quality that can prevent muscle loss. [10] [11] Recommended protein supplements during the diet you can find them in the article on how to choose our protein supplements.

3. Increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

A few extra pounds can bring major changes in your body. You will be more prone to inflammation, which can causes various diseases and infections and thus heart disease and insulin resistance occur. [1]

Continuous changes in body weight are associated with narrowing of the arteries. [12] Weight gain is far more harmful than being overweight itself, as increases the risk cardiovascular disease. [14] According to a study on a group of 9509 adults, the risk of cardiovascular disease depends directly on weight variations. The more pounds you lose at once and later through the yo-yo effect, the more you gain este mai mare riscul la care vă expuneți. [15] O analiză care a examinat o serie de studii a confirmat că fluctuațiile mari de greutate au dublat în timp probabilitatea decesului din cauza insuficienței cardiace. [16]

4. Vă puteți îmbolnăvi de diabet zaharat de tip 2

Fiecare fază de slăbire și îngrășare are un impact și asupra hormonilor, mai concret, este vorba de hormonul stresului – cortizolul. Nivelul crescut al cortizolului promovează depozitarea grăsimilor la nivelul abdomenului, ceea ce crește riscul îmbolnăvirii de diabet și apariția problemelor cardiace. [1]

Grăsimea de pe abdomen este asociată cu diabetes mai des decât grăsimea de la nivelul picioarelor sau brațelor. Cu toate acestea, corelația directă dintre efectul yo-yo și diabet nu a fost dovedită de toate studiile. O analiză a arătat că doar 4 din 17 studii au confirmat predispoziția la diabetul de tip 2. [17] [18]

5. Poate crește tensiunea arterială

Creșterea în greutate, inclusiv datorită efectului yo-yo, duce la creșterea tensiunii arteriale. Ce este și mai rău este faptul că, în timp, efectul yo-yo poate bloca efectul sănătos asupra tensiunii arteriale, ce rezultă în urma pierderii greutății corporale.

Un studiu efectuat pe un grup de 66 de persoane a constatat că cei care au urmat o dietă au avut un succes mult mai mic în stabilizarea tensiunii arteriale în timpul slăbitului. [22] Cu toate acestea, un alt studiu sugerează că acest efect se pierde după 15 ani, ceea ce înseamnă că dietele necontrolate din tinerețe nu ne vor afecta sănătatea la vârsta adultă. [23]

6. Provoacă frustrare

Poate fi foarte frustrant să vezi că toată munca și efortul depus în timpul dietei au dispărut, dar în schimb v-ați ales cu efectul yo-yo. Adevărul este că oamenii care au trăit pe propria piele efetul yo-yo sunt frustrați și nemulțumiți de viața și sănătatea lor. [12]

Conform unui alt studiu, efectul yo-yo nu este asociat cu depresia, auto-vătămarea sau cu emoții negative. [13] Prin urmare, dacă ați trecut printr-un asemenea episod al efectului yo-yo, controlați-vă sentimentul de frustrare. În trecut poate ați încercat să urmați câteva diete care poate nu au funcționat, dar nu trebuie să considerați acest lucru ca un eșec personal. Înseamnă că este timpul să vă înarmați cu răbdare și să luptați împotriva acestui efect.